The British Embassy organises events throughout Italy for British nationals. Attend one of our citizens` meetings to stay up to date with work and life in Italy. If you are registered as a resident of Italy, you have the right to work in Italy. Read our guidelines on working in an EU country. To apply for a job, you may need to specify the following: We will seek a mutual agreement to ensure that UK nationals who are not residents of Italy can continue to buy property in Italy. We will update this guide as information becomes available. In Italy, this practical support is provided by the International Organization for Migration. If you or someone you know might have trouble filling out the documents, you can contact them via the details below to discuss how they can help you. a national of a country with which Italy has concluded a reciprocal agreement and who is domiciled outside Italy If you do not fall into one of the above categories, you may be able to register with SSN against payment of an annual fee.

It depends on the region of Italy where you live. You must contact your ASL. A new link to the Italian government`s guidelines on residency registration in the “Stay informed” section. If you have already registered as a resident and have a residency document, you must apply for the new certificate from your local municipality. This new document will be proof of your rights under the Withdrawal Agreement. Family members from non-EU territories should also receive the new certificate. Read our guide on the rights of family members from non-EU territories. The right of British nationals (residing in Italy and elsewhere) to marry in Italy has not changed.

Update of the section on the reorchestration of a car in Italy 14 February 2019 For more information on the new Attestazione, see the circular of the Italian Ministry of the Interior (in Italian). It contains an example of the new document. You should bring it to your local community if you ask for it. Update on EU withdrawal: Italian government issues emergency decree on UK withdrawal from eu without deal explaining impact on UK nationals living in Italy Risultati: 17. Esatti: 17. Tempo di risposta: 56 ms. You should seek professional advice when paying taxes in Italy. You can find a tax advisor or business consultant (commercialista) at the British Chamber of Commerce for Italy or at the Centro Assistenza Fiscale – Tax Assistance Centre (CAF) or find an English-speaking lawyer. .