Currently, a considerable number of our users allow us to directly cancel their credit card accounts with all the transaction fees we collected. Billpoints users regularly provide credit card and other financial information. We rely on encryption and authentication technologies authorized by third parties to provide security and authentication technology for the secure transmission of confidential information, including customers` credit card numbers. Advances in computing capabilities, new discoveries in the field of cryptography, or other developments can lead to a compromise or violation of the technology we use to protect customer transaction data. A number of sites have reported breaches of their security. Any threat to our security could damage our reputation and therefore our business. In addition, a party capable of circumventing our security measures could abuse proprietary information or cause interruptions in our business. We can *There are special rules for residues that appeared between March 18 and August 17. For more information, see the COVID 19 page. eBay has done pioneering work in e-commerce by developing a web-based community where buyers and sellers are brought together in an efficient and entertaining format to browse, buy and sell items such as collectibles, automobiles, high-end or premium art items, jewelry, consumer electronics and a large number of practical and other articles.