(d) if necessary, in accordance with the forms or types of agreements prescribed; Sri Lanka`s trade relations with India marked a historic milestone when the India-Sri Lanka Free Trade Agreement (ISFTA) was signed on 28 December 1998 as Sri Lanka`s first bilateral free trade agreement. The ISFTA came into force on March 1, 2000. The ISFTA is now fully implemented, with both parties fulfilling their progressive obligations under the Tariff Liberalisation Programme (TLP), as explained below. Published by the Ministry of Finance, Sri Lanka: treasury.gov.lk/article/-/article-viewer-portlet/render/view/mcc-agreement-drafted-with-the-consent-of-ag (c) Any contract or agreement regarding the sale or future purchase of land or other land. (b) any contract of engagement or agreement relating to the performance of such property and the finding of interests or security charges relating to the property or other real estate; (g) The reality of consent (i.e. the agreement should not be punishable for fraud, fear, misrepresentation, undue influence or for any other reason); b) Any contract, to the extent that it relates to the creation or transfer of a land interest or the termination of such interest. (f) The contractual capacity of the contracting parties (which refers to the question of whether they are minor or have a disability). Note: If you are an institution, we recommend using a co-operated email address for the tendering process. After completing this application form, you must send it back to the ROC by fax No. 011-2689202 / 011-2689211 or email – tenders@drc.gov.lk/support@drc.gov.lk. Rome – Dutch law is the basis of property rights, but it has been heavily modified by local laws and practices. The limitation of ownership of agricultural land introduced by the Land Reform Act continues.

An individual or business may own only 50 hectares of an agricultural area with rice areas of which must not exceed 25 hectares of land. . (a) any sale of purchases or mortgages on real estate or other real estate; (ii) the Constitution or the rights or obligations of its partners. Products of Sri Lankan origin exported to India are currently duty-free, with the exception of the following categories REQUIREMENT OF NOTARIAL ATTESTATION Given the provisions of Section 2 of the Fraud Prevention Regulation (Chapter 84 of the Sri Lankan Decree-Law – revised in 1980), the following contractual categories are without legal value or recourse, unless they are signed in writing in Sri Lanka in the presence of an authorised notary and two or more witnesses. Application-for-the-request-to-Avail-Logging-Facility for Tender-Publishing 1. MCC – Sri Lanka Infographics (PDF 242 KB) Sinhalese (සිංහල) (PDF 369 KB) Tamil (தமிழ்) (PDF 622 KB) 11. MCC themes perceived by Sri Lankan Media – MCC Land Projects in Africa (PDF 380 KB) . a) There should be two parts – the promisor and the promises; .

The general law of contracts is the Dutch Roman law, except in commercial matters. Sri Lanka`s commercial law is English law or statutes based on English statutes. Contracts entered into by persons subject to specific laws such as the Kandyan Law, Thesavalamai and Muslim Law are subject to the specific regime applicable to contracting parties.