Hi, Rob. If it is an HP, voluntary termination rights must be included. A leasing purchase is a form of leasing, so it should be in it. There must be a clause in the financial agreement that explains your VT rights, so you should be able to see them before you sign anything. Read this introduction to automotive financing, which covers various financial products, and our self-financing glossary. A guide to the voluntary termination of your car financing contract. What are your rights? I`m in the process of signing a PCP contract for a used car from Evans Halshaw. I asked the seller to send me an example of conditions so that I could be sure what I am committed to. He told me that he had sent me a contract from another client by email and that he had simply blocked all personal information. He seems to have done it with paper/post-it notes, and when I tilt my screen, I can clearly see that he actually covered all my personal information!!! I intend to use the halving rule and terminate the contract after paying the necessary 50%. The contract gave me 6000 miles a year – I`m realistic about 10-12,000. I specifically asked the seller if I was doing more kilometres than would mean I had to pay excessive mileage charges.

He assured me that I would not do it. Well, in the hidden part of the contract, I can clearly see that if “I terminate the contract prematurely (I assume that includes the half-kilometre rule), the maximum mileage (6,000 miles P/A – 48 months of contract) applies in relation to the reduced lease term and your obligation to pay excess miles applies just before termination. Therefore, if the vehicle`s mileage exceeds the maximum number of kilometres adapted, you must pay the excess mileage fee for each mile that exceeds the maximum number of kilometres suitable. I think the seller tried to pull the wool out of my eyes, he called me to say he`s desperate to rush through the sale. What do you do with it? TIA A voluntary termination of a car financing contract may actually appear in your credit file. However, it is unlikely to have an impact on your creditworthiness or your ability to obtain financing in the future. Hey, Liz. You can pay VT at any time, but you must pay a total of 50% of the total amount (probably $6,625 if your TAP is as shown above). This includes every deposit/prepayment you made when you purchased the car. Leasing (HP) is a kind of financing contract used for the purchase of automobiles and household products such as furniture or appliances.

According to – have you signed a V317 form to maintain the registration? It is quite normal for a trader to organize this on your behalf, but he should have your V5 (plus MOT) and your signature on the form to do so. Often, people`s circumstances can change during an auto financing contract, so you are not able to pay your monthly financial payments. You may lose your job, your personal circumstances may change in different ways, or other unforeseen factors could make it difficult to track your monthly car payments. Hey, Ray. It`s up to the financial company, because it`s his car. Contract rent is rent, so you don`t have voluntary termination rights, but you`re entitled to a car that works properly, because that`s what you pay for. Hey, Stuart. My wife bought a car on the 13th this month through HP dealers. We have decided that the refunds are too high and we want to pay the car with our savings. The car cost $6,000, and we paid $1,000 in bail and we allowed 1,500 $US, ex on our old car.

Can we terminate the HP contract and pay directly for the car, and if we do, we will have other costs from the financial company? If you stop contracts prematurely, remember that the condition of the vehicle is important. General wear is acceptable, but you will be charged for repair costs for things like broken wing mirrors or larger scratches.