When the National Council reviews the terms of the agreement, it will also decide whether nearly 50,000 workers should remain on strike or whether they should return to work before accession to the Agreement is ratified. Wiley Turnage, president of Local 22, which represents 700 workers at the Detroit-Hamtramck plant in G.M. said he hoped its members could quickly return to the chain. However, he said he needed to review the details of the preliminary agreement before deciding on Thursday whether to vote for it, including whether he would force G.M to keep the Hamtramck plant open. GM confirmed that an agreement had been proposed and did not provide further details. GM`s stock rose 13.m a day after falling 10% during the strike. Share prices had recovered in recent days as expectations for comparison rose. On Friday morning, GM sent a letter to all of its employees and hours, saying it was essential that both sides reach an agreement and end the strike. GM submitted its latest proposal to the union. GM-UAW agreement: The deal requires 9,000 jobs, $9,000 in ratification bonuses, an electric truck at Detroit-Hamtramck General Motors and the auto workers` union, which is suffering a period of weakness after years of record profits, and on Wednesday secured a tentative contract that could end the company`s longest strike in half a century.

(WXYZ) — United Auto Workers and General Motors have agreed on a new four-year contract. It happened on the 31st day of the strike. General Motors and United Auto Workers have reached an interim agreement to end the strike that began a month ago, as announced by the union on Wednesday. The NATIONAL council of the UAW GM will vote on the agreement on Thursday. There has been talk, in part among some local union officials, that the UAW is circling its target towards Ford or FCA in an attempt to reach an agreement while continuing to strike against GM. The union initially decided to negotiate with GM to use the agreement as a model for an agreement with the other two. Masters said that if an agreement is within reach and the parties need a little help to do so, they should have an alternative, “otherwise you risk jeopardizing the future of the company and the future of auto workers. It took a lot longer than people expected. Once the UAW National GM Council votes in favour of the proposed interim agreement, the language of the contract will become an interim agreement and will be shared with the 45,000 members of the GM UAW. They will then vote on the agreement and, if adopted, the agreement will be ratified and the new 4-year-old workers will work.

When the agreement was announced, auto workers said they had “made significant profits.” It plans to give the conditions to the representatives of its G.M.