All sellers throughout Britain must present an energy certification indicating the amount of energy consumed by a building. It can help you reduce your energy costs and live more sustainably by making your home more energy efficient. You need a predicted Energy Assessment (PEA) for a new home. At the end of your PID application, we should be able to tell you immediately whether we can in principle lend you the amount you need. If you apply online, we may need to call you for additional information. As with your current mortgage, you must receive a Policy Decision (PID) before completing a complete mortgage application. With the DIP, we can confirm in principle that we would be willing to lend you money. You can apply for a DIP online, by phone or in the store. If you need help getting your agreement in principle and choosing the right mortgage, we advise you to talk to one of our mortgage advisors. You recommend a suitable mortgage from our assortment according to your needs and circumstances – and all this for free. The first step is to call now to make an appointment. A policy decision is free for most lenders, including the Monmouthshire Building Society.

No no. If you change your mind about which lender you want to leave with, or if you decide not to buy at all, that`s not a problem. This is followed by a written trial conducted by the lawyers. If all the conditions are agreed by both parties, then the default concluded is a binding contract. Neither party may resign without having to pay compensation. The lender will ask for some basic information to see if you can afford the mortgage you want to apply for. Call us on 03450 50 22 51.Our lines are open Monday to Friday from 8am to 8pm and Saturday from 9am to 5pm. At the Monmouthshire Building Society, we conduct a “soft” credit search at the policy decision stage, which has no impact on your creditworthiness. Before applying for a mortgage, you may need a decision in principle (PID), sometimes called an agreement in principle (AIP). A DIP indicates how much you could borrow from us and many sellers or real estate agents ask to see your DIP as a guarantee that you can get a mortgage. It only serves to illustrate and does not provide all the information you need to choose a mortgage.

Give us your data and we will quickly inform you how much you could borrow. No – a policy decision is based on limited information about you as a borrower, so it is not a guarantee. Note, however, that your lender will only abide by the policy decision for a limited time – ours will last about 30 days. Would you also like to apply for a complete mortgage? Here is a list of the documents (PDF) you need when you get to this point. In order for us to properly check whether you can afford the mortgage, please take special care that all the information you have provided is correct and complete. You must always make a decision in principle. This way we can understand if your circumstances have changed since you applied for your current mortgage.