TSD rental software provides car rental companies with web-based fleet management software solutions to manage their car rental and rental fleets. The software combines an innovative software approach with extensive industry expertise to provide car rental companies with powerful software products that exceed their expectations. The TSD rental software is easy to use, mobile friendly, so you can use it along the way to control your fleet and your spending without running out of pace. Navotar is a cloud-based car rental software designed to automate the management of your fleet in a car rental store. The software has a number of unique features that can help a car rental owner manage his fleet much more easily and save time. Navotar has developed a solution that offers only what you need without the luxury and luxury skills you won`t even use. It`s not just an owner, it also acts as your business guide to help you keep an overview of your vehicle repairs, service charges, regular maintenance and the amount of revenue generated by them. The platform equips car rentals with tools to automatically identify underage drivers and expired licenses before printing the contract and thus saving time and money. TSD RENTAL is a company-wide solution that can be easily accessed via the Internet.

It is also easy to use and does not require additional software, servers or equipment, minimizing hardware costs, IT requirements and maintenance costs. Fleet management software allows you to control costs and expenses, reduce liability and improve customer service. You will be able to process customers and rental cars faster and more accurately with rental software. Record customer information, print leases and provide vehicle availability reports to ensure your customer is served quickly. Place your customer in the right rental car and speed up their check-in and check-out with Navotar or TSD fleet management solutions. From courtesy programs to traditional car rental programs, we offer an end-to-end solution to help OEMs effectively manage their fleets and dealers. TSD RENTAL is an innovative fleet management solution designed to revolutionize the automotive industry. The software offers many advantages to users in the field of car rental, including drivers, car owners and customers. Thus, the platform allows rental car owners to easily control costs and costs.

The automated and ployable database helps them reduce the time spent manually processing credit contracts and searching for infringement tools or tickets. It also offers a quick view of all available vehicles, so car rentals can save time and money for accessible customers. Our team develops and develops fleet mobility solutions for dealers, car manufacturers, automotive groups and car rental agencies worldwide. The TSD`s LOANER module modernizes the management of rental car fleets. The module offers professional loan contracts that give customers a perfect business image. It ensures that all required fields are filled before the agreement is printed, which reduces liability.