On February 20, 1947, Her Majesty`s Government announced its intention to transfer power to British India until June 1948. Her Majesty`s Government had hoped that the major parties would be able to participate in the development of the Cabinet Mission Plan of May 16, 1946, and to develop a constitution acceptable to All parties involved for India. That hope did not come true. As I have said before, the two principles on which the Cripps mission came together, namely the agreement and a period of Dominion status with total freedom of choice, seem to be fulfilled, as I can see in the copy of the White Paper which is now in the polling station and which I received with the kind permission of the Prime Minister an hour ago. Her Majesty`s government has always wanted to transfer power according to the wishes of the Indian people themselves. This task would have been greatly facilitated if there had been an agreement between the Indian political parties. In the absence of such an agreement, the task of developing a method of identifying the wishes of the Indian people has been passed on to Her Majesty`s flesh . After full consultation with political leaders in India, Her Majesty`s Government decided to adopt the plan contained in this announcement. Her Majesty`s Government wishes to make it clear that it has no intention of creating a final constitution for India; It is the business of the Indians themselves. There is also nothing in this plan to exclude negotiations between communities for a united India. @@Shah Nawaz — Congress has written nothing to give you advice – read carefully the following letter (if you tell a dark legalist to Abba and Dad, I`ll consult him). Read….

carefully ——– freedom and the transfer of power are these two distinct themes and how is the transfer of power? You will see that there is a party government, it is defeated in elections, the other party government comes when the Prime Minister of the other party is sworn in, he signs a register immediately after the swearing-in, many of you must have seen, so the register on which the Prime Minister signs is called the “transfer of power” book, and after the signing, the former Prime Minister gives power to the new Prime Minister. What is Kahe`s self-management and self-management? What did autonomy mean to the British? And what was the intention to self-denounce for us? Understand that, too. The British said that we gave you a state of self, that is, the British gave you their kingdom so that you could continue for a few days when we need it, we come back. It`s the business of the British.