Glen Oaks, a small but bustling suburb of Queens, offers locals unbeatable proximity to one of New York`s most popular neighborhoods. Locals are just six miles from the heart of Queens, making it a great city for commuters. The Queens County Farm Museum, Alley Pond Park, Cunningham Park and Saint John`s University Queens Campus are all close to the residents of Glen Oaks. This small town offers an abundance of reasonably priced rentals, as well as easy access to public transport, supermarkets, churches, public schools, golf courses, hospitals, fitness centers and restaurants. Locals appreciate the narrow community and central location. Glen Oaks Housing Association owns 1297 rented properties, 38 properties for the common property and 1 property which is a care home for 8 people. Our properties are located in the Arden, Darnley, Pollok, Regents Park and Southpark Village areas, in the south-west of Glasgow. After much discussion and research, adding prefabricated modular complements to our existing units proved to be the most practical and realistic approach to solving our space problem, rather than rebuilding new additions in the field. With Glen Oaks Village being the first municipality in Queens to propose such a project, you can only imagine the lengthy approval process that had to be passed before we could actually make it happen.

But Bob Friedrich and the entire council worked tirelessly with various government authorities and the local city council to get the project off the table. Their goal was to avoid roadblocks and develop a plan to promote the long-term stability of the municipality. Nearly three years after the idea of expanding the townhouse was proposed, we have received the green light to implement our plan. Before the wallpaper hangers complemented each other, Freidrich discovered a solution. Garden apartment complexes like Glen Oaks Village can comply with Local Law 95 at the campus level and get a single energy efficiency scorecard for the entire co-op. Glen Oaks is in the process of changing the name to koop. In the meantime, the cooperative publishes a scorecard on each of the 12 sections of the complex and keeps the rest of the scores in a management office file. If you`d like to learn more about the areas we`ve covered, click on the image to learn more. Roseanne Corrado is a shareholder of Glen Oaks Village, a garden-style co-op in Queens. We have found that there are clear benefits for our community to engage in our expansion project for prefabricated units.

The modular units are mounted in a factory-controlled environment, where they are protected against moisture and bad weather conditions. Modular supplements are more robust than on-site construction and their metal reinforcement allows them to be transported by trailer to their final destination. As soon as they arrive on site, most units only need a few hours to install them, which means less disruption for homeowners and their neighbors. B: If you decide to give treats, sit outside and put individually prepackaged treats on a table or bend over so the kids can take them with them (don`t forget to wear your own mask!), or blow leaves from behind the bushes and elsewhere into a pile for mulch trimmers. When we worked on the 2021 budget and more specifically on the signage post, I realized that we would celebrate 75 years in 2021 as a community and 40 years as a co-op. For the 25th anniversary in 1996, many of you may remember, we had installed banners on different light pylons throughout Glen Oaks to celebrate our 50 years of existence.