(e) the buyer is responsible for the legal and collection costs (or not) incurred by the seller in his attempt to recover a late payment or non-payment by the buyer. In the event of an appeal, the buyer is liable for all legal costs, in addition to legal fees and fees. The aforementioned costs, charges and expenses, as well as interest, are part of the seller`s maritime duty on board the vessel. In the event of the buyer`s default, the seller or related businesses of the seller have the right to terminate other contracts or agreements between the seller`s related companies and/or the related businesses of the seller and/or the associated businesses of the buyer and/or buyer. An important question that all fuel distributors must ask themselves is: “Do I sign a contract or do I take my chances in the spot market?” Before choosing in one way or another, you should understand the benefits of a fuel contract and understand what it might mean for your retail business. b) quality. Any claim by the buyer about the quality of the marine delivered must be submitted in writing to the Seller by the Buyer within thirty (30) calendar days of the accepted delivery date or actual delivery date, depending on whether this right is prior, otherwise this right is deemed abandoned and prescribed forever. For each quality requirement, the buyer relies exclusively on an analysis of the sample provided by the seller at the time of delivery, in accordance with Section 8, Point B), and clause 9.2 of ISO 4259, is used to interpret the buyer`s test results. The buyer must immediately present to the seller the results of the review of the selected sample (laboratory fuel analysis report) so that the seller can properly assess the claim. If the buyer claims in a timely manner the quality of the Marine Fuels, one (1) of the two (2) remaining samples of the seller is transmitted, along with representative samples from another seller and/or sellers, to an independent laboratory agreed upon by mutual agreement. Despite the contrary provisions set out in point 4 (a), the independent laboratory`s analysis of the quality of the marine fuels delivered is definitive and binding, unless it is fraud or a clear error.