A spokesman for the Department of Health and Ageing said agreements have been negotiated with countries that have a health system similar to Australia`s, where the same number of visitors travel between Australia and the partner country. Insurance Council of Australia spokesman Campbell Fuller said it was important to take out private travel insurance whether or not the country you are visiting has a mutual health agreement. AUSTRALIANS planning to take a holiday abroad this year are advised to consider which countries will help them – or risk being left with huge bills – in the cost of necessary medical treatment. Evans said she was surprised that Canada is not covered by a mutual health agreement. Zach Brookes, a spokesman for Cover-More Travel Insurance, said the type of assistance travelers receive through mutual agreements varies from country to country. Is there a list somewhere? Please let me know if the provinces are responsible, because I know it is the provincial government, not the federal government, that manages health care for Canadians. Here you will find a list of provincial health websites and some examples of what Alberta and Ontario provide you outside the country. It`s also important to remember that Medicare offers benefits, but it doesn`t cover all possibilities. “For travel insurance to be effective, you must have suffered a financial loss so that countries where there is a reciprocal health scheme can have fewer financial losses,” he said.

To see if you qualify for Medicare, check out www.medicareaustralia.gov.au “But even if there`s an agreement, other costs may be related to a breach, including things like cancellation, third-party treatment, and ambulance transfers that may be part of a potential claim.” “You should check the agreements between countries and check the fine print of travel insurance.” You are the countries where you get sick and call the local health services to get a very sick bank credit. But there is no agreement with Commonwealth member countries, Canada or Singapore, or tourist hotspots like Indonesia, Thailand or Fiji. If you are outside the country, coverage must be done at the rates of the home province/territory. .