Now I`m focusing on the auto industry; And I have three examples of gentlemen`s agreement that have been and are. In practice, conditional micronormals are included only in employment contracts (PKs), operating regulations (PP) and PKBs. But it is not uncommon for labour relations actors to release conditional micronorms in other forms. Regulations apply to companies outside PK, PP and PKB, including micro-packaging, Mustaqim said. While conditional micronorms are generally contained in a greater number of technical rules developed in the context of industrial relations. As a general rule, these conditional micronorms are subject to operating rules, employment contracts or collective agreements. We can describe these three types of micro-drawing provisions as general. Mr. Mustaqim spoke on this subject. According to him, the choice of protests and strikes is the right of workers. As long as it is carried out in accordance with the legal provisions. If the demonstration, for example, must first report to the authorities, he added. According to Mussaqim, if the protests or strikes are legal, the company should not take retaliatory measures with redundancy sanctions.

The cooperation, merger and prevention of several companies In gentlemen`s Agreement, said Viddi, mentioned the efforts of spBM to fight for its rights. SPBM may strike and other efforts that do not conflict with the law. Well, this provision exists only in the gentlemen`s agreement, not in pkb. At that time, management argued that the problem of strikes and other efforts would have been resolved by law, so that it would not have been necessary to join the PKB. We were then biased and followed the will of the management, Viddi told me. Gentleman`s contract is usually signed by businessmen in his contracts. Full conversation without grammar. Second party as a mechanic who is ready to install workshop equipment. Example Brief Gentlemans Agreement – Fundamental things about chord types and sample phrases. An example of agreement or agreement is a letter that contains the statement of one or two or more people committing with others to enter into a legal agreement. Then the workforce is invited to sign a contract that contains the agreement not to do so. Without leaving the house without grammar.

12 JOINT VENTURE is a new company created on the basis of cooperation between several autonomous companies. Characteristics of a joint venture: it is a new company that has been co-founded by several companies. The capital is made up of knowledge and capital provided by the founders. Joint ventures between foreign companies and venture capital must take the form of limited liability companies. There is Lohh, a German car company that does not care about this rule.