Note: Damaged meters are rejected (After the new good condition manufacturing will be accepted) We buy candles (1kg): 550 We buy good finishing candles only . We buy candles with a deal based only. Almost everyone uses candles in their home, in bathrooms, bedrooms, and all the other rooms in the house to build, meditate, calm, relax and calm down. Thus, making business candles is a profitable business for everyone, especially for early entrepreneurs, because it is not a complicated process. It can be a simple, inexpensive, home-based business. We offer Home Based Candle Making JobsWith Buyout for Students, Housewives and Employees/UnemployedYou can work part-time or full-time. Salary: Rs.10, 000- to 15,000/- per month. Qualification: Each age: over 18 years of WORK DETAILS:You can earn daily Rs.100/- up to rs.500/- Daily payment. We offer training, form and wax with redeeming benefits from this job:1.You can work either part-time or full-time.2.You can work from home, 3.Daily payment 4.Daily payment 4.Payment by cash, check or bank transfer (NEFT)5.Training 6.No additional space required. Candles are the IN thing right now. It is no longer just for the décor, the popularity and usefulness of candles have increased considerably. Do you want to be a candle maker? Is candle making popular and cost-effective? Yes, it is a popular company that earns money these days.

If you look at the diversity of candles on the market, you can easily say that it is becoming popular day by day. We have some tips for starting a candle making business. Have fun making your products and start selling them. You can have lots of ideas about the type or design you want to try from the Internet, magazines and other stores, as well as friends and families. As with any business, it is important to identify the target market first. Who do you want to sell to? This will give you an idea of the type of candle you want to focus on making. Beeswax candles are usually for people who love natural products, while aromatic or scented candles are for people who are in alternative therapies. Once your target market is identified, you should then think about where and how you will sell your products. Selling on the internet is a good option as it can be easily managed at home. However, you can also consider a delivery agreement with stores near you that sell the same or similar products. Ties with coordination of events is also a good idea, as sourcing for events such as wedding and other parties can be a good place for business. The basic materials for making candles are wax, ailments, shapes, color tones and essential oils for perfume.

There are stores that can sell you everything you need in the candle making store. It is best to be able to find such a store, as it will save you a lot of time. If you can`t find a window for making candles near you, there are many on the internet that gives reasonable prices without having to order hundreds of pounds of wax and other things. You can also try the tracking yard sale and economical stores for various items that you can use as a decorative candle container. With digitization, the demand for data entry jobs is constantly high. With public and private organizations that want to hire qualified data entry opera… SREEVARI ENTERPRISES (SREVARI CANDLE) TIRUPATI give wax candles to dolls do training for women and young entrepreneurs. The training will follow the terms and conditions. If a job seeker clicks on your vacancy notice to get information about the opportunity you offer, you can get that perspective in a candidate. But… Training costs: Rs. 100 Raw Meterials (Dye, Thread, Colour): Rs.3,500 Wax (1 kg):200 We provide rohmeterial candles – dolls to do, The Meterilas follow, the sale are an energy part of